The Glass is Half-Full: What Does "3D" Printing Mean for My Career?

As noted elsewhere on this blog and on the Markets in English group on LinkedIn, my students from east to west ask a common set of questions about how to plan and manage a career, as follows:

(1) Career Planning Overview
"How do I map my short-term goals and bridge them to a long-term vision?"

(2) Career Management Models That Work
“How can I adapt my career skills and plans to get a competitive advantage?”  

(3) Relevant and Timely Market Information
“What are the emerging breakout opportunities that can accelerate my career growth?”

(4) Actionable Networking Opportunities & Strategies
“How can I strengthen my network and tap it for useful information and intelligence?”

Within (3), the "emergence" of 3D printing (additive manufacturing; it's been around for 30 years) has mega importance and is creating wide paths of career opportunities as it disrupts dinosaurs of existing supply chains.

I'll develop this theme as we go along. For now, check out this interview from The Economist (here is the article) and the many issues it raises. Remember: The glass is half full.