Entrepreneurship and "MVP": Markets in English Version

What is "minimum viable product" (MVP) and how does it apply to this business?

I follow Eric Ries and Steve Blank and Mark Suster pretty closely and can recommend them for those in my community who have the entrepreneurship bug.

I won't try to summarize what Ries and Blank and Suster say beyond noting the idea of the MVP (minimum viable product), as described in this video.

This is my approach for Markets in English.

My immediate goal is to develop my community, and my strategy is to serve that community as best as I can, based upon the feedback you have given me to-date.

I'm excited about developing:

the look and function of our site;

our interactive video lessons technical skills (accounting; finance; law) course materials (see Free Courses); and

our platforms for East and West and for Managing My Career (both to-come),

according to what your feedback.