A "How to" Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs

Wouldn't it be nice to have a "how to" guide to startup entrepreneurship, authored by mega successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs?

At Stanford, Peter Thiel (PayPay founder) teaches a class called CS 183 Startup. This site provides the class notes, nicely edited.

An excerpt from a class focusing in The Pitch: (More.)

  • Early pitches must be simple...Do not rely on VCs to draw key inferences; they may, but why risk it?
  • ... pitch when you don’t need money.
  • The Elevator Pitch - The standard format is stringing together a few well-known products and services that you sort of resemble: “We are Instagram meets TaskRabbit meets Craigslist.” You should reject the standard format.
  • The equation form of a good short pitch would be: problem + solution = money. Get this down, because VCs are floating around everywhere and you never know when or where you’ll be pitching.
  • Start by telling a story. Make your pitch without relying on your deck of .ppt slides. People like stories. Our brains are wired to respond them.
  • Again, organic conversation is much better than talking through your deck. So break from the deck quickly.

Much more at the site.