3 Signs China May Be Ready to Innovate

Is China changing from the low-value-added economic model of being the world's workshop to a higher-value-added economic model? Yes, but...

China is full of people ("entrepreneurs") who have big ideas for business. Most won't succeed, but some do.

In China, there are many unknowable things, especially given recent events. When will China have its own airplane industry; its own Big Pharma; its own GE?

Change is hard to predict, but there are indicators:

Average Internet Speed - This may sound simple, but it's maddening and it retards development, which progresses at the speed of thought and shared knowledge and ideas. As the gap between Chinese internet speed and everyone else's closes, this may be an indicator;

World-Class Chinese Brands - On right side of the value curve / smile curve (link), there is brand. China has no world-class brands. Haier (a white goods manufacturer in Qingdao) might be the first.

Education: Recruiting Top-Flight Academics to Work in China - Not just ex-patriot Chinese, but cutting-edge German or French or American scientists / academics who opt to locate and research at a top Chinese university (Peking University; Tsingshua University), this would be an indicator of big change. (I live within a 15 minute walk of these schools and have many students who are alumni thereof.)