Open Source Meets Cloud Computing

Open source software has become the architectural foundation of many cloud projects.

Career Opportunties in Big Data

A new study confirms a rampant scarcity across the globe for the prerequisite skills necessary for a company to capitalize on the opportunities found at the intersection of Big Data and data analytics.

Big Data Versus Privacy: Should We Care? Yes, We Should

Loss of control over our information may also shift balances of power in ways that have objectionable consequences.  Consider the following scenario.

The Link Between Cloud Computing and Big Data

A useful summary of the link between cloud computing and big data.

Networking and WAN Optimization

Everyone is talking about cloud computing. Of course, all of this hype has resulted in tremendous confusion.Here's a useful summary and a guide to networking and WAN optimization.

Managing Monstrous Data

Using columnar databases for large-scale analytics and managing BI workloads.

Big Data Comes to Higher Education

How does a team with more than 100 experts in Web and mobile app design, as well as instructional design, manage the use of "big data" in higher education?