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"Adopting a global language policy is not easy, and companies invariably stumble along the way...[n]ational pride can get in the way. But to survive and thrive..."

Business in English: What is "Operating Leverage?"

Does your business have a high degree - or a low degree - of "operating leverage?" How does the degree of operating leverage affect the potential profitability - and risk - of the business?

Business Concepts

We don't teach English. With our courses, you learn advanced business and legal concepts - in English.

From our story-based courses, we link to a glossary that contains many video-supported definitions of business and legal concepts. Here is an example.

Question - What is an "orphan brand?"

An orphan brand is a mature consumer product that often has declining profitability.

It is often a part of a big multinational company that wishes to divest it because it no longer fits with the manufacturing or distribution of other products in the overall business.

For example, in China, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial bought the Hummer line of SUVs from bankrupt General Motors.

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Business Idioms

Our courses are story based. Within our stories, our characters use many business idioms in context.

We support our story-based courses with a glossary that defines hundreds of business English idioms, using pictures and videos for support.

For example, here is how we define "tech geeks":

Business in English: Listen First, and Then Converse

Problem: You know the grammar and lots of vocabulary. But you find that spoken English is too fast and the words run together.

Solution: Train your ear, by listening to native English speakers and simultaneously reading the transcript. You’ll hear the intonation, pronunciation and rhythm better. And by spotting the boundaries between the words, you’ll leverage your vocabulary.

Result: As you listen better, you’ll converse better. We provide a variety of materials that develop intermediate- to advanced-level English skills in the context of high-value, business professional job tasks.

Welcome to Business English Essentials, where you develop the writing, listening and speaking skills you need better and faster, following a sequence of 10 story-based modules.

Our story begins with Mollie, whose path in global business takes us from modules in Corporate Structures and Human Resources, to modules in Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, and Supply Chains.

Then we meet Alan, whose new-business venture takes us from Business Presentations and Business Meetings, to Telephone Basics, Telephone Intermediate, and Negotiations and Transactions.

Come along! Mollie and Alan are waiting. And by the end of this course, you’ll have the Business English skills you need to take on the world. Let’s get started!

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