Financial Accounting

RONA: What is Total Invested Capital?

What is Total Invested Capital and how do I calculate it?

EVC: The Link Between Assets and Equity

What is the link between the value of assets and the value of equity?

Inventory Accounting: LIFO as a Cookie Jar

How is the LIFO cost flow assumption analogous to a cookie jar?


The Accrual Method of Accounting

Comparison of the cash method versus the accrual method: 15th century shipping voyage

Financial Accounting in English: What is an "Account Receivable?"

When you sell products or services , you usually don't get cash right away. You sell on credit and, in financial accounting terminology, you book an "account receivable." Is an account receivable an asset, or a liability? Is it a contractual right, or a contractual obligation?

Summary of Financial Accounting Content

Following is a summary of our content in financial accouting in English:

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